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Landhead Primary School, Ballymoney


The School Nutrition Action Group (SNAG) is a club, made up of volunteers, that promotes healthy lifestyle choices.

We meet once per month to discuss ways healthy eating can be developed in school and how we can encourage children to eat healthier.

We have members from each year group to represent their class.  Our members are Christy and Farrah (co-Chairs), Bradley (secretary), Molly M, Alfie and Blake.

One initiative that has been very successful has been our ‘Taster’ events.  Each month the SNAG recommend a healthy food for the whole school to taste.  These tasters have ranged from different fruits, cheeses, crackers, sugar free options. We would like to organise competitions during the school year to keep children encouraged with making healthy choices.  We have organised a healthy tuck-shop to raise funds for prizes.  Children were able to order fruit kebabs or fruit cups.  The SNAG co-chairs made the orders and collected the money.  They recommended the fruit for the cups and kebabs.  The day was enjoyed by all.